About Us

GTarcade is Yoozoo Games' mobile and browser gaming platform dedicated to bringing games that inspire players' dreams around the world. With popular titles such as Legacy of Discord, the League of Angels series, Game of Thrones Winter is Coming, and Rangers of Oblivion, GTarcade continues to raise the standard of free-to-play games. GTarcade now also provides GTarcade Desktop, a PC platform where players can play their favorite browser and mobile games with additional rewards and a smooth gameplay experience.

GTarcade is propriety of YOOZOO Games Limited. YOOZOO Games was founded in 2009 by Lin Qi. Headquartered in Shanghai with multiple offices worldwide from India to Germany, YOOZOO has forged a strong global distribution network. YOOZOO has gone on to create and publish many successful games across multiple platforms to over 1 billion registered players. Its games focus on creating memorable moments for players, bringing them new experiences through world-class IP.

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