GoT Winter is Coming: Dragon Is Coming!

Many players might have already experienced our Dragon System on Pioneer Server in advance. This week, the new update of Dragon System will be launched on our Public Server! Are you excited to claim a dragon egg of your own, hatch it and watch it grow every step of its growth? In the current version there will be only one dragon but don’t you worry! More dragons will be ushered in following versions.

What should I expect from the dragon?

-      You can interact with your dragon in its den

-      Your dragon will help hasten Construction and Research Speed

-      You can send your dragon on Exploration, which brings back the food they need as well as other rewards

-      You can bring your dragon when you garrison, gather resources or reinforce.

How to train my dragon?

There are seven stages of your dragon’s growth. You need to feed them with certain food for them to grow up and acquire high attributions. When you get enough Fiery Essences,  you can level up your dragon. After the transformation, your dragon's appearance will be changed, the limit of its level will be raised, new talents could be unlocked and existed talent could be enhanced.

Want to have a preview of our Dragon System?

Get ready to raise your dragon in fire and blood!

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