New Mythic Wing - Song of Triumph For Anniversary

Angel's Carnival is a traditional holiday in the Grace Continent. In this day, Angels wear special costume and celebrate for love and peace.


Midnight's over, Carnival begins Collect Maracas from Elite Dungeon and exchange them for rich rewards! Come to join us with your friends, Carnival Party will start from 26 August to 30 August.


Event Time: 26 August to 30 August.

Entrance: “Carnival Party”


New Wing: Song of Triumph


The Song of Triumph is limited for the first anniversary, and the first Mythic Wing, same as the Hallowed Phoenix, it has exclusive Talent! Increase the 3% Defending for all allies by 3%


When Carnival begins! You have the best chance to get limited Wing Song of Triumph and collect Maracas from Elite Dungeon and exchange Maracas for rich rewards! Join the party and show your lucky to get rich rewards!


Carnival Party rock: Song of Triumph collection


During the event, players can exchange for the latest wings by meeting the certain requirements!


>>Two ways you could get Song of Triumph


1. You could directly get Song of Triumph Sigil (Permanent) by reaching certain conditions


2. You could get Song of Triumph Sigil (3-days) by registered daily during the holiday season


3. You have change to get the Athena shards by reach certain requirements.

Tips: You could get an amount of Maracas in Elite Dungeon to exchange rich rewards!



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