Welcome to 2nd anniversary party of Game of Thrones Winter is Coming!

Starting from March. 5th, a series of events will be available where all of you have a chance to claim FREE GIFTS every day and try out new events. Come and take a look at what will be coming up!


Entrance: Click the “2nd Anniversary Festival” icon on the upper corner of the game interface.

Event duration: 2021-03-05 –2021-04-10 UTC


Undying Ones Sign In

Event Duration: 2021-03-05—2021-04-06 UTC

Event Description:

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

From March 5th 2021 to April 6th 2021, log in to sign in every day to claim 20 Kravras TOKENS FOR FREE, and you’ll be able to awaken him after a 30-day consecutive sign-in.

After being awakened to 4 stars, your bowmen will have a 20% chance of additionally attacking 1 times when commander Kravras casts his awakening skill. Don’t miss out!

Hunting Festival

Event Duration: 2021-03-05—2021-03-06 UTC

Event Description:

Who is the best sharpshooter bowman of the Seven Kingdoms? [Ancient] Dragon Passive Skill Selection Chest, Refined Rough, S Universal Troop Medal, Honor Banner and more items are waiting for you! Best of luck!

GoT WiC 2nd Anniversary Special Page

Event Duration: 2021-03-22—2021-04-10 UTC

Entrance: Click the event icon on 2nd anniversary festival interface to join.

Requirement: Players with a level 17 or above castle

Event Description:

Visit the special 2nd-anniversary page to check in and to receive rewards include S Universal Troop Medal, Random Book of Wisdom, Shadow Essence and even Commander Rhea Medal. Additionally, you’ll be able to unlock limited avatar frame and permanent castle exterior once you meet certain requirements. Are you wondering what your key words for the past year are? Don’t forget to generate your yearly-report and share with your friends! 

Resource Collection

Event Duration: Stay tuned!

Event Description:

Complete various tasks to collect the materials required to earn as many points as possible. The higher the rank, the better the rewards.


Honor Token

Event Duration: Stay tuned!

Event Description:

A new event where you have a chance to win awesome rewards. Stay tuned.


New Season of Siege of Winterfell

The first match of season 2 Siege of Winterfell will kick off on March 10th. Sharpen your weapons, Get your equipment ready and don’t forget to remind your alliance leaders and officials to register.

THANK YOU ALL for your continuous love and support!


Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to the changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.

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